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How We Hunt

We take stand location very seriously. This is crucial when getting close to Trophy Deer. The wind and thermals are taken into consideration on every stand. The set ups are for stealth entry and exits. Stand location is one of the biggest keys to a successful hunt- second only to having a piece of great managed whitetail ground. All stands are set by our guides that have years of experience and the deer to prove it!  We feel “if we wouldn’t hunt it, we won’t hang it!” We are as excited to get you into the stand, as you are to be in it. Our stands consist of hang–on’s with climbing sticks; ladder stands; shooting houses and assorted ground blinds. We utilize blinds to provide our gun hunters with a comfortable and solid shooting setup. We try to get you close to that mature buck you came to Kansas for.


What to expect on your Hunt

The properties  your hunt will take place on are very strictly managed.  Hunters are required to harvest at minimum 5 ½ year old bucks. The score doesn't matter as long as its a mature deer meeting the age requirements.  Having this management in place for years has only made a good thing that much better.  As a whole – the areas you will be hunting have an excellent doe-to-buck ratio. Hunter to acre ratio is also very important. Low pressure is a huge part of harvesting a trophy whitetail deer.  Our management practices, we keep ample ground for the numbers of hunters we run, with some farms not being hunted for entire seasons. This is all to ensure properties will remain the best for the hunters and the deer.  We do recommend for archery hunters no mechanical heads. RTO would prefer a fixed blade broadhead.  If you draw blood on the animal it is up to the outfitter on whether the hunter will continue to hunt.

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